Dukat Hotel belongs to the Petrodom Paliwa Sp. z o.o. company.

A company set up as a family business was established in 1991, together with the opening the petrol station in Biała Podlaska. We have operated under the name Petrodom since 1998. Successes in wholesale and retail marketing of motor fuels, diesel, heating fuels and LPG enabled the systematic development and extending the activity profile by adding hospitality and catering in two premises in Biała Podlaska, and a truck repair shop with TDT for repairing class 2- 9 of ADR classification cisterns.
logo-petrodomSince the opening of the company, we have aimed at providing the highest quality of goods and services. Based on the assumption that professionalism and reliability of service, accompanied by a competitive offer determine the satisfaction of the Customer, we have decided to establish the company on these values.

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