Business zone

The business zone, i.e. enterprises and entrepreneurs and organizers of training sessions and conferences are highly demanding customers expecting attention and focus on every detail. We are not afraid of it. We know that we will manage to meet your expectations.

We have organized training sessions for a number of years and the facility is prepared for the provision of such services. We have experience in the implementation of programmes supported by the EU resources and we are ready to present any documentation required by authorities monitoring proper training sessions/conference performance. The training facility is located on the outskirts of Biała Podlaska and the hotel section was classified by the Marshall Office of the Lublin Province and was granted “**” (two stars) category.

This facility can provide accommodation, meals and two training and conference rooms for coaches, trainers and participants of the course. We have single and double rooms, as well as rooms for three and four people.
The large parking lot can hold a considerable number of vehicles, which can prove necessary for organizing training sessions and conferences for participants from Biała Podlaska area.

Possible service during the training: 

  • board
  • service supply coffee, tea, water, biscuits wczasie conference
  • Sauna
  • pool
  • equipment necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of such meetings, ie. Projector screen, projector, flipchart
  • access to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • possibility to use the fax and photocopying
  • DVD / MP3
  • sound